bash with vim keybindings

If you use vim as your main text editor the following bash command might interest you:

set -o vi

It sets bash to use vim-style keybindings. As a vim user you are going to feel at home right from the beginning. Type your comands in insert mode and edit them in normal mode (navigation, yank, delete).

To ‘permanently’ apply vim-style keybindings put the command in your .bashrc file.

Seven habits of effective text editing

Learning to drive a car takes effort. Is that a reason to keep driving your bicycle? No, you realize you need to invest time to learn a skill. Text editing isn’t different. You need to learn new commands and turn them into a habit.

In November 2000 Bram Moolenaar the main author of Vim wrote a paper about guidelines and hints for editing text more quickly and with fewer mistakes.

A Brief Introduction to Vim

Some thoughts about learning vim:

Rails Mama

After my initial hazing, I have decided I’m in love with Vim.

It turns out that learning Vim is a lot like learning to type properly. At first, it really slows you down because you have to teach your fingers what to do. Later on, after your brain gets the heck out of the way and lets your fingers take over, the investment really pays off.

I’m not yet to the real payoff stage, but I can see it on the horizon.

Here are a few tips for anyone wanting to learn Vim:

Why should I learn Vim?

Because once your fingers learn the keys, you will be able to move through your programs much more quickly, use shortcut commands for every action you can possibly think of, and understand what’s going on if you pair program with someone who uses Vim.

When should I learn it?

Whenever you can afford…

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Vimwiki is a plugin for the texteditor vim. It adds a personal wiki with plain text files. Information, project page, download:

Explanations and recommendation: