bash with vim keybindings

If you use vim as your main text editor the following bash command might interest you:

set -o vi

It sets bash to use vim-style keybindings. As a vim user you are going to feel at home right from the beginning. Type your comands in insert mode and edit them in normal mode (navigation, yank, delete).

To ‘permanently’ apply vim-style keybindings put the command in your .bashrc file.

In the Beginning Was the Command Line…

I found an amusing subjective written essay about the Command line and guis:

By Neal Stephenson

“[…] By using GUIs all the time we have insensibly bought into a premise that few people would have accepted if it were presented to them bluntly: namely, that hard things can be made easy, and complicated things simple, by putting the right interface on them. In order to understand how bizarre this is, imagine that book reviews were written according to the same values system that we apply to user interfaces: “The writing in this book is marvelously simple-minded and glib; the author glosses over complicated subjects and employs facile generalizations in almost every sentence. Readers rarely have to think, and are spared all of the difficulty and tedium typically involved in reading old-fashioned books.” As long as we stick to simple operations like setting the clocks on our VCRs, this is not so bad. […]”

Edit (December 2015): I had a link to the webpage of Adam Shand here. It seems that he removed his post and so I had to remove the link. The link to the page of the original author is still working so I keep the link here: