Richard M. Stallman on malware – Guardian US

To be sure, I am not talking about viruses. Malware is the name for a program designed to mistreat its users. Viruses typically are malicious, but software products and software preinstalled in products can also be malicious – and often are, when not free/libre.

Today I want to share a guardian article about malware by Richard Stallman:

Books about Free Software

I want to share the links to two great books about free software. You can download a free copy there or order a hardcopy.

Free as in freedom is a biography about Richard M. Stallman with revisions and comments by himself. I loved to read it because beside being a good biography of an important person in the free software movement it tells younger people like myself a lot about the history of Unix, GNU, GNU/Linux and the hacker movement.

Free software free society is a selection of great essays written by Richard M. Stallman