Openbox-session in Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)

This command starts a plain openbox-session and the x-server in Raspbian (Raspberry Pi). It took me a few minutes to google it:

xinit /usr/bin/openbox-session

I love openbox

Some time ago I tried quite a few different window managers on my main debian box and openbox is superior for my needs. Currently I use plain openbox without a standard desktop environment. I like both the simplicity and the improved responseiveness.

If you never used openbox before give it a try. It is also the default window manager for the lxde desktop environment.

This great blog helped me a lot with the first steps:

and the official webpage:

programs I use with my plain openbox setup:

  • tint2 (panel)
  • kupfer (launcher)
  • conky (displays systeminformation as desktop background)
  • terminal with screen and mc
  • rhythmbox (music player)